What to do if Samsung m11 or a10 writes file system limit

Samsung a10 file system limit

I recently wrote how to calibrate the fingerprint sensor Samsung A10, now solving another problem — the file system limit, although less often, it is still received by j2, m01, j4, m10, a01, a20, j7, a10e, a11.

What does it mean and what to do with it? Here I will probably disappoint you, since this can even be related to the hardware, although the software is not excluded.

However, this is not a failure, but the inability of the Samsung m11 or a10 phone to process a certain file due to the excess of the android limit allocated to it by the system.

Therefore, size may be the cause of the file system limit. The android system on which your Samsung m11 or a10 is running is not designed to exceed the size by more than 4 GB, which is the maximum limit for a single file in FAT32.

Now I will substantiate the essence. The limit is set by the file system. In Samsung, it’s FAT32. It can contain 65 thousand different entries.

Each, including subdirectories, can have from 2 to 13 pieces, depending on the length of the name. If the title of the entry does not match, then there will be from 1 to 12 additional, will have 13 bytes of the title.

In a simple way, all this means if you try, for example, to throw a Samsung m11 or a10 into your phone, a file larger than 4 GB, then you will not succeed and it is quite possible that a notification about the file system limit will appear.

The same applies to their number. It can even be empty folders (they are often created by viruses).

What to do to remove this misunderstanding. I recommend removing the memory card first. You can save files and format, but this is only after everything works fine without a USB flash drive.

If there is no memory card, try clearing the cache and deleting unused files (it is best to install a cleaner application for this).

In the phone’s memory settings, it is also advisable to see what large files there are and transfer them to another location to check.

Of course, it is much more effective to reset the data, but if after that the message appears again soon, then you are only dear to the service for diagnostics.

Most likely, after reading and following the recommendations, you will be disappointed, but such a reality of other solutions, at least to me, is unknown. Good luck.

How to remove the Samsung file system limit

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