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I wasn’t tired of receiving calls on my phone before, and when Android 11 on Samsung removed the ability to answer by tapping instead of swiping (moving to the right), it got me.

Okay in the summer, but in the winter, when your fingers are frozen, it’s a nightmare. I found a way to still accept a call by pressing and in Android 11, but I didn’t stop there and moved on.

There is nothing concrete about this on the Internet, and if there is, it doesn’t work. My method works, so this will be the only guide on how to accept a call by voice (until it gets stolen).

During the search, I first managed to answer an incoming call with my ear. This is when you just touch the phone to your ear and you can immediately talk.

This really didn’t suit me either, for the reason that this setting worked when I pulled the smartphone out of my pocket.

The function worked through the proximity sensor, and when I pulled out the phone to answer an incoming call, I always grabbed it by the top.

This is where the proximity sensor is located and the call immediately became active, in other words, I could no longer reject it.

I had to continue the search, and it ended very successfully — I no longer even hoped for such success.
Answer a call by voice

I found only one such application, and it is paid or with advertising, but this is if you install it from the market, and if you use my link below, then it is free and without advertising.

I don’t remember the name of the application, I think it’s “Vani”, but I’m not sure. In general, you can look at its icon in the picture below.

After installation and launch, give all permissions and set “Always on top”. It will also make it the main one — by default.

Then you can go to settings. There aren’t many of them there. Set your voice to accept calls, reject calls, speak the caller’s name and select a topic. I recommend moving the sliders as in the picture below.

Then move on to voice settings. There are 4 points, but personally I only used two. I skipped the first “Reply” because it does not turn on the loudspeaker.

Instead, I chose «Speaker» and put the word «Hello» — you choose yours. Now, even if the phone is in your pocket or purse, saying “Hello” in a voice will immediately accept the call and you can talk.

Also set to Reject. Just for fun, I chose “Shut Up” and everything works. Setting up is not difficult — you just need to say the word twice in your voice.

The last stage is “Theme”. There are many of them. At the bottom, click on the first icon on the right, then go to the themes section and select.

That’s all, actually. Now you will answer the subscriber’s call or reject the call with your voice, but only on a blocked one.

It won’t work without blocking or I haven’t figured it out completely. Download the application link below. Good luck.

Official site:



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