Waterproof samsung a13 or not

Samsung A13 Faucet

No one keeps statistics on how many people threw away their phones, just because he accidentally fell into the water, but we can safely say — a lot.

Please note that Samsung phones, even with the tap protection function, are not subject to warranty repair.

I threw one away just because it was in the inside pocket of my jacket, but it was raining in the yard.

So the water permeability of your Samsung A13 is very important, but unfortunately there is no water protection in it.

How to protect samsung a13 from water

Although the Samsung A13 is waterproof, there is still a way to even shoot underwater with complete confidence that nothing will happen to it.

All you need is to choose not an ordinary case for your A13, but one with water protection.

waterproof covers

Don’t be afraid, it costs a little more, but it has a great view and you are completely safe at sea and in the rain.

Just before putting on, dip the cover itself in liquid and see if it is really waterproof.

If the inside is dry, then everything is in order, you can put on your device and go. It costs even less than the original Samsung.

It is best to check right in the store so that later there are no unnecessary incidents with the exchange or return of the funds spent. Have a good day.

Test: waterproof samsung a13 or not

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