How to turn off a locked Android phone Samsung and Xiaomi

blocked phone

Any Android phone, such as Samsung or Xiaomi, can be easily locked by setting a password, PIN code or pattern.

But if you forgot the password, then, for example, the Samsung A12 or A51, as well as others, cannot be turned off in the traditional way.

This is done intentionally so that if it is stolen from you, then you can find it using the find phone function.

However, this protection can be easily bypassed. After all, we often forget the password to our smartphone.

How to turn off a locked Samsung

What I will describe on how to turn off a locked Samsung applies to versions of Android 10 and higher.

For them you will definitely need a computer/laptop, but for those below they are not needed. So, at the first stage we press two buttons. The first is “Power” and the second is “volume down”.

press buttons on Samsung A12

Hold these buttons until the screen turns black (turns off). Then immediately after that we release the decrease and intercept the increase sound.

Before you have time, the device will reboot and the process will need to be repeated. For those who have difficulties, turn on the Flashlight.

The flashlight will go out, immediately change the buttons. After that, after a few seconds, your phone will go to the recovery menu.

In it, use the volume down button to go down to the “Power off” item and press the power button. Your locked Samsung will turn off.

turn off samsung a51

How to turn off locked xiaomi

Now let’s try to turn off the locked xiaomi phone. Both, it turns out there is no protection provided here, although I thought he would also start showing off.

turn off xiaomi

Just press power and a menu will appear with the options, restart, power off, airplane mode and emergency call.

There is no need to describe what to press next, and then everything will go as normal. Everything turned out to be simple here.

Whether this is good or bad is not for me to judge. Yes, there is also a popular Huawei phone, but it, like Redmi, has no problems with this. Have a good day.

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