How to take screenshot on samsung M24 (2 ways)

screenshot for samsung m24

Although the Samsung M24 costs a little higher than its brother Samsung A24, the Korean has not yet implemented all the opportunities to take a screenshot in his arsenal.

Nevertheless, the existing ones will be enough for all categories of users, and if desired, with the help of third-party applications, many others can be implemented.

Not everyone knows that in samsung M34 you can take a screenshot of the screen, even the coolest trick to date.

I mean double there on the back cover. This option was invented by eypel, and craftsmen immediately figured out how to transfer this functionality to android, but more on that from the next post.

Screen buttons

Most Samsung M23 users will be satisfied with the button option to take screenshots, and for those who do not, a fallback option is provided.

I will talk about it in the section below, and as for the buttons, no settings are needed. All you need is a quick click on quieter and off.

screens with buttons on m24

Once again, I want to remind you that it is precisely we quickly clamp and release. The delay won’t work. If you do not immediately release, then either the screen will go out or the sound menu will pop up.

Many people make this mistake, and none of those who describe this method mention this condition — the result in the comments of the line: the method is not working or it does not work.

Screenshot icon

Yes, taking a screenshot on the Samsung M24 by clicking on just one icon, as in xiaomi redmi devices, undoubtedly deserves attention.

You won’t be able to use it right now. The method requires preliminary settings. Therefore, we find special opportunities in them.

special features samsung a24

Then we go to the coordination of movements.

traffic violation samsung a24

Now we make the additional menu active.

additional menu samsung m24

After that, we see that a new icon has appeared on the screen.

icon take screenshot m24

Click on it and take a screenshot.

screenshot icon on m24

The badge itself, so as not to loom and interfere, can be fixed in any revenge on the side. Pinned to the section of the menu that you have activated. Just go to it and you’ll see.

Where is the screenshot saved on samsung m24

There are many places where you can find the screenshot you took on your phone. This is a system folder, and a gallery and Google photos …

What is the difference? Only by the fact that from the system folder you can transfer it to a computer connected by cable to the phone.

Transferring from the gallery in this way or from Google photos will not work in any way, since the PC simply will not see them.

But if you wish, you can transfer via bluetooth from the gallery, although if there are a lot of screenshots, then you are unlikely to be delighted with this option — you will have to wait a long time. Have a nice day.

How to take screenshot on samsung M24 (2 ways)

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