How to take a screenshot on samsung M14 (2 ways)

screenshot for samsung m14

Korets did not deprive the Samsung M14 of the opportunity to take a screenshot, but at the same time did not provide the option to take it with the palm of your hand.

Well, no, no, we can do without it. There are two good ways in his arsenal, and each of them will undoubtedly find its fans.

In the Samsung m14, you have the ability to use only the buttons to take a screenshot. The method is not bad, but definitely not for everyone.

Therefore, I will provide here another one — with an icon, as the Chinese implemented it in xiaomi redmi. In a word, there is a choice.

Screen buttons

You can do it instantly with buttons on the Samsung M14. The method is simple, but not for everyone.

There is a reason for this. These are the quieter and power buttons. They just need to be clamped together, but many repeat the same mistake.

screen buttons on m14

It seems to them that the buttons need to be held until the screen flashes. So you need to do just the opposite on your phone.

As soon as you clamp it, release it immediately. Yes, on older models it was necessary to hold for two seconds, but now the faster you release, the greater the chance of success.

Screenshot icon

Taking a screenshot on the Samsung b14 is also not difficult, but initial actions on your part are required.

The function in the smartphone itself is provided, but disabled. You will need to activate it. This is done in special features.

special features samsung m14

There, go to the coordination section.

traffic violation samsung m14

Activate the menu

additional menu samsung m14

A draggable icon will appear. Choose a suitable place for him.

icon take a screenshot m14

When clicked, select «Screenshot» (bottom left).

screenshot icon on m14

Click and get an instant picture.

Cool ways to take a screenshot on samsung m14

There are also cooler possibilities to make a screen for your phone, but, unfortunately, not all of them are implemented programmatically by the manufacturer.

So, for example, you can do by comprehending (double) on the cover at the back, who on the screen turn it on and off.

To do this, you need to install the tap tap app. It is in the market, so there will be no delays in installing it.

You can also use your voice, but the majority did not like the method, so I will not dwell on it now. Have a good day.

How to screenshot on samsung M14 (3 ways)

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