How to take a screenshot on samsung A74 (3 ways)

screenshot for samsung a74

From the first phrase, I want to say that the Samsung a74 has its own ways to take a screenshot, which are inferior in efficiency to outsiders.

So using extraneous options you have, it is possible to take a screenshot on the samsung A74 by simply double-tapping the back cover.

This is undoubtedly the most convenient trick. He migrated from the iPhone and is now available to you, only in this entry I will not remember him anymore.

Exotic options for making screenshots on the Samsung a74 will be discussed in the next entry, and now let’s talk about the built-in features.

Screen with palm

I’ll start with the palm. In the Samsung a74, you can apply a sliding trick with the edge of your palm. Daggers can not show how to do it.

Those interested can watch the video that I’m going to post at the bottom of this (this) entry.

I can only say in text that the edge of the palm can be moved both from left to right and vice versa — there is no difference.

The edge must touch the screen. Does gesture speed affect? I recommend doing it quickly. Too slow movement is not desirable.

Screenshot with buttons

The option to take a picture with the buttons is in every phone, and the Samsung a74 is no exception, only depending on the smartphone, their combination is not always the same.

You need to use the inclusion and quieter. In this case, it is necessary to clamp at the same time.

screen with buttons on a74

Otherwise, either the soundbar will appear or the screen will turn off. In this case, there is one more mandatory condition.

Everything needs to be done as quickly as possible. Here, instantaneity is the key to success, otherwise you will also fail.

Screenshot icon

Here we are approaching the last method, which I am going to write about today. So, if the options above did not suit you, let’s move on to the hidden trick.

The method is good — one touch on the icon and the screenshot on the Samsung a74 is ready. Only at the first stage you need to activate the hidden function.

However, your phone has a lot of hidden features and I will tell you about them, but not all at once. Today we are talking only about screenshots.

To do this, click on the «gear» (settings icon). Next, lower the screen to the very bottom and touch the person (green).

special features samsung a74

The next step is coordination and movement.

traffic violation samsung a74

Now move the switch to the right opposite the menu (auxiliary).

additional menu samsung a74

A new icon will appear.

icon take a screenshot a74

Touch it and select «Screenshot».

screenshot of icon on a74

I think you understand me perfectly. Now you can change it significantly. To do this, touch the black bar, which indicates a successful operation.

Where is the screenshot saved on the Samsung A74. You can find him in several places, but the easiest way is to open the gallery, and he will be there first. Have a good day.

How to take screenshot on samsung A74 (3 ways)

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