How to take a screenshot on Samsung a25 5G

screenshot on Samsung a25

Today, one of the most popular smartphone functions is the ability to take a screenshot, that is, save the picture that appears on the screen of your Samsung A25.

There are many applications that perform this function, but for you they are superfluous, since everything is included in the system.

When you take a photo, you can immediately send it to your friends on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, or to the memory of your smartphone.

Also, if you want to record a video that is shown on the screen of the Samsung A25, for example, to record a story, video call or fragment, you can do this on the Samsung A15 without applications.

First method to take a screenshot

If you want to take a screenshot on your Samsung A25, you will need to follow these simple steps. First, open the quick settings access screen. To do this, pull it from top to bottom twice. Then tap the pencil icon.

quick access settings on a25

Then click the «Edit» setting.

change quick access settings on a25

Now drag the “Screenshot” icon from the bottom screen to the top screen and select save at the bottom.

drag the screenshot icon to the A25

Then, by going to the same quick settings, you can take screenshots with one touch on the icon.

take a screenshot of the icon on the A25

Second method to take a screenshot

The second option is to use the buttons — by simultaneously pressing the power and volume keys down.

screenshots of buttons on Samsung A25

At the same time, you will see an instant flash indicating that the screen has been taken. I have not tested taking a screenshot using a gesture in the Samsung A25.

Nevertheless, there are 3 more good ways on your smartphone, but I won’t describe them now, unless you ask in the comments.

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