How to screenshot on samsung a53

shot samsung a53

It is unlikely that there will be at least one owner of a Samsung A53 phone who does not sometimes need to take a screenshot.

In this regard, the samsung a53 even has more than enough built-in capabilities, not to mention dozens of outsiders.

There are many ways, there are fast ones, there are those requiring dexterity (dexterity), simple and even two voice ones.

You can also take a long screenshot on the Samsung a53 with the screen scrolling, for example, screenshot a long correspondence.

I won’t talk about how to do it by voice, because in any case you will have to call an assistant, and this is extra time.

I expect to describe three methods and I am sure that each of them will find its fans — this is classic, through one press of a button and a palm.

The first way to take a screenshot

Let’s start with the most common way. It’s push-button. You don’t need to open anything. You just need to press and release the two side buttons as quickly as possible — quieter + power.

screenshot buttons on samsung a53

I repeat: do it quickly. Happened? If yes, good, if no, try again. Definitely get. If the samsung a53 shutdown menu pops up, then you need to do it faster.

The second way to take a screenshot

The second way to take screenshots on the Samsung a53 is the fastest, but requires some skill.

At the first try, it may not work, but as a rule, five minutes is enough for everything to go in one go.

All that is required is to lightly touch the edge of the palm of the display surface. You need to swipe from right to left or left to right.

In this case, the touches should be from edge to edge and be done quickly. You don’t need to configure anything. Everything is already included.

The third way to take a screenshot

The third way to take a screenshot on the Samsung a53 is the easiest and most affordable, so to speak, for pensioners.

Only one setup needs to be done first. To do this, in the parameters, go to «Accessibility».

Then you should go to «discoordination», and then move to the right (activate) the additional menu.

screenshot with one icon on a53

Now click on this section (although a screenshot can already be taken) fix the button so that it does not flash on the screen.

I also recommend reducing the transparency, otherwise you won’t find it, and if you wish, you can make it so that you can answer calls with a touch, but with a movement that you can’t do with one hand.

Now in any window, there will be an almost imperceptible button on the side, and if you click on not, a window will pop up with a screenshot button.

screenshot with one icon on a53

When you press it, you will see how the screen flickers, which indicates that the screen has been taken.

Now you can also immediately send a screenshot, such as a WhatsApp chat, Instagram story, Facebook photo or video frame.

The screenshot is automatically saved in your mobile phone’s gallery and you can also edit it.

How to screenshot on samsung a53

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