How to record screen on samsung m14 with voice

Screen recording app for samsung m14

If you suddenly want to record a screen on the samsung M14, then I have to disappoint you a little — the Korean does not provide such a function.

What to do? You can install screen recording on Samsung M14 by yourself. There is nothing difficult in this.

But the sound, quality, advertising, and so on depends on what you install. On other sites, you will be offered the first app with a bunch of ads.

I offer a method not only without ads, but also in high quality, and with microphone and system sound.

You will only need to install the application not from the market, but download it here at the bottom of this entry (click the «Download» button).

The download will start immediately and you just need to give the app permissions and apply some settings.

Screen recording app

We will assume that you have downloaded and started installing the application on your Samsung M14. Then grant the first permission.

option grant permission

After that, it will open. Sometimes for some reason it is put in English, but Russian is there, you just need to specify it.

This option is at the very bottom if you go to the settings. The next step is to tap into the app on the blue camera icon.

camera icon in app

Now you will be transferred to another window. There, move the slider opposite the name of the application, otherwise you will not be able to record.

move the slider

Next, swipe down twice from the top of the screen to fully open the shortcut menu. At the top left you will see 3 (three) dots.

Click on them. A menu will open with three options. We are only interested in one thing — to change the purpose of the buttons. Select her.

change shortcut menu buttons

Now look for the camera icon and find it, hold your finger on it, then drag it to the bottom window. Confirm the action.

drag icon

Now you can close all this. When you need to record the screen of the Samsung M13, move the screen curtain down and tap the icon that you dragged.

click screen recording button on samsung m14

After that, the first time you need to grant two more permissions, and then the «Start Recording» button will appear at the bottom.

start screen recording on samsung m14

In the future, as soon as you touch the camera icon, a countdown from one to three will immediately appear and screen recording will begin. Have a nice day.

Official site:

operating system:


is free

How to record screen on samsung M14

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