How to record screen on samsung a04e (with sound)

screen recording on samsung a04e

At any time, you may need to record a screen on the Samsung A04e, but this phone does not have such a built-in function.

It’s certainly not a tragedy. The market is full of applications with which you can record the screen on the samsung A04e.

Only there is a condition. All of them are either tolerantly poorly made, or with advertising that will get you, or paid ones.

Of course, few people want to buy, but there is a way out. You can download right here (at the end of the post) a free, ad-free, high quality recording with sound.

Sound can be recorded both system and microphone. Some settings are required during installation.

What exactly needs to be configured, I will now describe below, and whoever does not want to read can watch the video, which I also plan to place below.

Screen recording app for samsung a04e

After downloading the application, you will need to grant permission to install from unknown sources.

In this case, it may be written that the application can damage the phone. These are usually written for all applications that are not installed from the Google market (marketing trick).

Exactly such an application is in the market, but with advertising, and I have a PRO version. Next, give all the permissions that the application will request.

If it is installed in English (sometimes it happens), then you need to specify the Russian language yourself. After that, click on the camera icon.

screen recording icon on samsung A04e

Then move the slider.

activate screen recording

After that, I recommend pinning the icon to the quick access menu (you can see how to do this in the video below).

That’s all. Now I click on the «camera» icon, the report will start from 3 to 1 and after that the screen recording.

You can view the screen recording on the Samsung A04e either in the gallery or in the application itself. Have a good day.

Official site:

operating system:


is free

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