How to force restart realmi if it freezes and does not turn off

phone realme 8 and realme c21

If you recently became the owner of a realme 8, c21, c11, realme 6, c3 phone for the first time, you may have difficulty if you want to reboot.

I’m not even saying force a reboot if it freezes, usually as you did in smartphones from other manufacturers.

Yes, in realm a rather unusual reboot. I won’t say that you need to rack your brains for a long time, but no offense is said to people who are far from technology will need to strain their brains.

Don’t worry! You won’t need it anymore. I will show two ways, although there is a third, but two will be enough.

Normal reboot realme phone

In normal mode, when the device does not freeze and works like a watch, we do it, as in all other gadgets.

Just hold down the power button until a white circle and two icons appear — below and above. After that, hook the white button with your finger and drag it up.

reload menus on c11 and c3

If you drag it down, your realm will turn off, but since you don’t need it now, drag it up.

Force reboot realmi phone

Not a single phone is immune from freezing. By the way, do you know why they happen. For two reasons.

The first is not enough RAM and the second is a software failure — something went to the wrong steppe.

Then, if the realm freezes, only a forced reboot saves. To do this, hold down two buttons at the same time.

force restart realmi 6

This is the button to add volume (increase sound) and power. Hold them for at least 8 seconds. And pay no attention to anything.

As a rule, after 8 seconds the screen will go dark and the phone will reboot — the process will start as when it was turned on.

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