Download the app to increase the battery icon

After 40 years, most people begin to lose their eyesight and no longer see the battery icon on their Android phone.

More precisely, they see the icon, but not the battery percentage, since it is very small there.

However, today many 20-year-olds do not see them either, especially if they spent a lot of time with their favorite Samsung, Xiaomi, etc. phone.

Of course, they want to increase the battery icon, since searching for glasses for such a trifle probably irritates everyone.

And then a surprise awaits them. It turns out that there is no such function in the Android Xiaomi or Samsung phone and it will not be possible to increase the icon.

This is done, or rather, is not provided because if you increase the battery icon, then you need to make them all large.

And if you do all of them, then they will not fit in the status bar. Here is such gibberish, but do not worry — there is a solution.

Just download the application to increase the battery icon — on this page, at the link below these lines.

Official website:




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